Jason had created Gameacon 2016's Most Innovative Game, Unstable, and his creative juices were flowing. Having always thought that match and memory games lacked something, he created Mr. Fossil's Dino Farm. Despite explaining

the concept to many family and friends, they just

didn't get it. 

Even after this beautiful picture to accompany his explanations, people still had no idea what he

was trying to do. He didn't give up though.

Instead, he started looking for an artist to

help bring his creation to life! 

After many attempts with artists and lots of $, Jason found Robert and the magic began!






Jason knew he had found his artist! 

Everyone had their opinions about the game and wanted to throw their two cents in, but Jason stayed strong! 

He decided that he would make a game

that wasn't just one game, but was

4 games in 1! Memory, match, two puzzles

and a storytelling game all in one small box. 

After tons of game tests, his family, friends

and stranger finally started to understand

and love his idea. Mr. Fossil's Dino Farm

was a reality!

People loved the story from the game

so much, Jason decided to make a

board book!   The world of Mr. Fossil's 

Dino Farm keeps growing! 

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